What's MybusinessnowBoardroom all about?

Business conditions are changing by the day. We need to do  everything possible to act, get skilled, identify opportunities and get  through to the other end. We have taken our monthly live group business  training program and converted it into an online  training and support program starting April. It's everyone's job to do  whatever possible, to support SMEs through this challenging period,  survive and get out the other end, stronger.
MybusinessnowBoardroom is now a free monthly online  training, strategies and support program, that's been developed from  over 33 years of successful business ownership, management and growth.  The objective of the program is to help as many  businesses as possible get through this and come out the other end,  better and stronger businesses.

Why is it free? Simple. We need businesses to survive the current crisis and a  rising tide lifts all ships. Plus at some point, we'll identify other  opportunities to continue to support the growth of small businesses. And  besides, 90% of the works been done, so lets help  where we can.
Mybusinessnow was designed as a live monthly group  training and support program (and temporarily that's stopped now), that  focuses on 8 key drivers that built my businesses over the last 33 years  and they still apply through these challenging  times we are now in. The objective is to protect as many businesses as  possible, get through this and come out the other end better. We've  built the program, workshops, followup process and support structure, so  lets just get it out there and do what we can  to help.
Regardless of what time and the state of the economy, these key  drivers work and create growth, but now also work by protecting  business, through developing better skills, strategies and support.
 The program has six core elements, that are delivered  online each month to businesses and their teams, to help their  businesses survive and then grow. Use them as your weekly staff training  meeting if you need to.  

  1. Monthly 45 minute online training that follows the Business360 program developed from over 33 years of real business growth.
  2. Monthly group business brainstorm. Lets discuss the issues and the solutions in a round table, online format, with your peers.
  3. Guest industry speakers on a variety of subjects.
  4. Weekly Business52 huddle. Tips, ideas, solutions and strategies delivered via email and video snippets.
  5. Email (and phone) support from myself and other business mentors.
  6. Connect2020. Dedicated business directory to market, promote and source.

The program follows the 8 key drivers of the Business360 program,  plus a couple of additional drivers that we have identified over the  last year that businesses need and they'll increase over time too. 

  1. Image: Attraction, awareness, attention. Brand, message, clarity and findability!
  2. Sales: Plan, prospects, processes and followup.
  3. Service: Its not just customer service. Experience, energy, engage, evolve.
  4. Staff: Training, skills, expectations. Support and manage.
  5. Product: Improvement, innovation, opportunity.
  6. Marketing: Awareness, attraction, attention.
  7. Planning: Past, present, possibilities. Plan, strategise, review, ask questions that create clarity.
  8. Management: Structure, systems, strategies, support.
  9. Data: Know what comes in and goes out, clients, staff, product, profit, ROI
  10. Communication: Contact points, communication skills, followup.

The key to anything at the moment (and that changes day to day) is  support businesses right now. Build skills, build support, build  structure, connect better and engage more.  If  businesses do that, they'll have a much better chance of getting  through this, maybe even growing and have an even stronger business as a  result when  its all said and done at the other end.

All we ask is two things of any business wanting to join the program and get the support. Get 100% committed and engaged in the program. The  opportunities to improve the skill levels of everyone, develop better  strategies to survive and grow, develop relationships with peers in  business and also find support from business owners, those  that have done it, with experience in multiple fields is all going to  help protect our businesses and come out the other end stronger,  smarter, better. And to eliminate any reason that a business can't  afford it, it's free?

To join the program and be part of the first online workshop starting in April, simply click here to find out more and get started. MybusinessnowBoardroom

If you'd like to join our free facebook group MybusinessnowBoardroom just click the link.

Important information: If you know anyone else in business (world wide) that you think  would benefit, or might like to be part of the program, please forward  it onto them.
Here's to protecting our businesses and growing. Welcome to MybusinessnowBoardroom.