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Just about any business is only a couple of steps away from doubling their results fast. But what steps do you take first?

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How do you get your business to grow, fast, easy, simple?

Attract, followup and retain more clients! Then you grow, keep more clients, make more money!

The BIG question. How do you build a better business, that gets a better result and does it faster. Who do you use, to get the support you need?

  • How do you acquire more customers. (Attraction)
  • How do you keep those customers coming back more often and spending more? (Retention)
  • And then how do you get them referring others, to do the same? (Business growth)

With over 30 years in small and medium sized business building experience, employing teams in both sales and service, successfully growing and selling those businesses, I know exactly what it takes to build a business, but what can also cause it to come crashing down and it has little to do with the best product or service, or the best at marketing it. Its all the little things that help a business attract and keep every prospect, customer and client to keep coming back again and again. 

Mybusinessnow will teach you and your team how to uncomplicate this often confusing and frustrating part of business. It's the little things that make a huge difference. 
Business training that's different and gets results, integrated tools to make so many of the difficult things like building client relationships easy and ongoing followup and support to ensure what you learn is used and your business grows. All you have to do is do it!  

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Business Kickstart

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Get help starting up or even making over your existing business with:

  • Image
  • Sales growth
  • Service fundamentals
  • Staffing
  • Product development
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • and Management

Mybusinessnow and its partners are giving away one package valued at over $10,000 in training, design, marketing and business planning and management support.

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Business Kickstart

Questions create clarity.

The objective

Is to help your business grow! 

Too many businesses struggle to really get going, lack the cashflow and profit the owners want and simply fail to grow. 

Too many are nothing more than badly paid jobs and not successful growing businesses!

Its simply all about:

  • People
  • Planning
  • Possibilities

Developing the skills they need.

Having access to the integrated tools including planning, recruitment and client relationship management with followup and ongoing support, to make sure it works.

The question

The fundamental behind building a successful, growing business, is to simply ask a series of questions. Questions create clarity:

  • Why does someone buy from me?
  • What would it take to get a better result?
  • What do I have to change now?

Even understanding what the business does now, what you want it to do and whats it capable of doing, "the maximised potential" and then finally understanding what that lost potential is costing you right now in lost revenue.

All it needs is minor changes in key areas that will make a HUGE difference.

The process

The next step of building your business is simply identifying the answers to the questions and doing what needs to be done. The process!

  • Training, develop skills
  • Improve the image and brand
  • Establish sales and service systems
  • Build relationships with clients.
  • The right people, planning and management systems.
  • And any business will take off.

Its all about uncomplicating the parts of your business that help attract and retain every inquiry, prospect and client ever.

  • People
  • Planning
  • Possibilities

Training, coaching, consulting and stratagising. Business shouldn't be complicated! Business360

It's not complicated! (Really!)


Business360 is a complete 360 degree view of your business.

  • Where it is now
  • What its capable of
  • What the maximised potential is.
  • What that lost potential is costing
  • What you want it to do!

Mybusinessnow hub

Here's where it all comes together

  • Training, coaching
  • Consulting and strategic design
  • Tools, processes and system support
  • Accountability and management


It's not one size fits most! Different businesses need different support. We have specialists in different fields, backgrounds and industries that are available to help.

  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Creative

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