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A little about Erwin

Mybusinessnow is a business training, coaching, consulting and strategising "hub".  Working with small, medium, franchise and even large businesses, identifying where they need help and focus and then providing them with tools through training to give them every chance of success and real growth. 

With over 32 years experience in running two successful small businesses, the later 22 years, with an international franchise chain, and after selling continuing to consult to the franchisor for a further 2 years in supporting their company owned franchises around Australia.  

I have worked closely with thousands of SMEs around the country in support of their image, branding, marketing, as well as sales, service and staff recruitment and management.

Dealing with profitable SME businesses, I know what makes businesses successful and what doesn’t. There are too many common themes, too many common oversights, and too many reoccurring lessons learn't that need to be shared.

Throughout my business focused career I now know what works well, what doesn't and what needs to be done.

As well as recruiting, training and managing both sales and customer service teams, I have worked with thousands of small to medium sized business over the years and I have simply seen far too many 'potentially successful small businesses go down, simply because they couldn't see where they were going wrong, or weren't doing.

Mybusinessnow and Business360 is all about business growth, by attracting as many clients as possible, getting them back often and then  referring others to do the same. 

Its not complicated, in fact its easy! Its just not simple, but if you don't know what you don't know, then the success you want, may never happen. 

Dealing with profitable SME businesses, I know what makes businesses successful and what doesn’t. There are too many common themes, too many common oversights, and too many reoccurring lessons learnt that need to be shared.


Building better businesses!

Its not always about just having a great product or service. Businesses need to get everything right in order to standout, attract more customers, have them all coming back more often and referring others!  That often takes a basic skill set that not everyone has, or is even  aware of.

Even the worlds best athletes need ongoing trainers,  coaches and strategists to stay at the top. So to do business owners,  their teams, leaders and managers.

With over 30 years of  experience in small to medium sized business, the most recent 22 years  as franchisee principal of Bartercard Brisbane West and following that,  two years consulting to Bartercard Australia in supporting their company  owned franchises all over Australia. Managing sales and customer  service teams and working with thousands of SMEs with their marketing,  image, branding and general business growth strategies, I can see what  they don't!

Its easy to see where small business goes wrong, by  missing some of the business basics like image, sales, service,  marketing, staff and planning and why more than 90% of businesses fail.

Small,  medium, franchised and even large sized businesses need to focus  attention also on the things, other than just the core product or  service, to ensure they standout from their competitors. Business  training delivered with what these businesses actually need and actually  implemented, is the difference between success and failure in most  cases.

Mybusinessnow and Business360 is all about getting  customers, keeping them, encouraging them to spend more and then  referring others to do the same! Its achieved by business training that  shows how attention to image, sales skills, customer experience, great  marketing and staff engagement make a huge difference!

Business shouldn't be complicated! And it doesn't have to be! 


Its a three stage process!

There's no point in trying to find a quick, easy fix, that's what most try and do, but having said that, once you know what to do it can happen quickly by just doing the right things and doing everything else better.

You could spend a small fortune (or even a large one) on a great marketing and sales strategy. But if the rest of the business doesn't match your clients expectations, you may make a quick sale, but they probably wont be back, and they definitely wont refer anyone!

Here's a thought! If you could only build your business from word of mouth referrals, no advertising, no branding, no signage, what would you do differently?

That's how every business owner should think about building their business. The way you attract, keep and continue to sell to your clients, then encourage referrals from them to do the same.

Stage 1: Mybusinessnow and Business360, asks and reviews four key aspects of your business: 

  1. What are you doing now? 
  2. Whats your businesses market potential? 
  3. Whats your businesses maximised potential? 
  4. And whats the lost potential costing you right now?  

Stage 2: Where are the gaps, the skills shortages in the team, managers and owner and improvement areas needed?  

  • Review, rate and score 
  • Identify the priority areas needed that will make the most positive change first. 
  • Plan, review and adjust! (But follow the plan, the goal, the objective!

Stage 3: Start the process                                                          

  • Training, coaching 
  • Consulting, strategizing 
  • Ongoing support, ensure what is learnt, is used and your business grows  Over 95% of what gets learnt at workshops and seminars gets forgotten and never used after 24 hours, because there's almost always no review, support and accountability process. You're on your own!

Mybusinessnow's objective is to change a number! Over 80% of all businesses fail in the first five years and of the ones that made it through, 80% of them fail in the second five years! I want to change that statistic and it can be done! 

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