Its starts with people!


Every business needs trained, skilled people! You, your staff and even your customers.

Regardless of what business you're in, you need people. The owner, staff and customers. The fundamental problem associated with 99% of businesses is “underskilled” people. And that includes everyone, owners, staff and their clients.  

Mybusinessnow's fundamental objective, is to massively improve the skills levels of all businesses, their owners, managers and teams. Improved skills result in businesses that grow, improve profit, employ more staff and benefit the local community.

Mybusinessnow takes the stress and time needed, by training everyone for you:

  • Monthly membership group programs
  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Sales and service staff
  • New people joining the team
  • One day intensives
  • Short two hour intros
  • EdgeBusinessExecutiveCoaching

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Skills levels in businesses is at an all time low, people simply aren't trained to do their job well enough or have the product knowledge skills to answer even simple questions that a client may have.  

From a sales or service perspective, it can hold the businesses growth back to the point of collapse. Clients aren't trained well enough and so don't take advantage of what most products and services have to offer, so they end up going elsewhere to find the information they're after.  

Everyone that has anything to do with the business, needs training to upskill them to a level where they are competent and confident to do their job 100%. The conversations alone needed with a potential client is more these days than just, “can I help you”?  

People development is one part of the critical process of ensuring your business can attract customers, they buy from you and continue to buy from you. The ongoing relationship and education they get from you and your business ensure they continue to spend more and then refer others to do the same, because they have 100% confidence, trust and belief in you, your team and the product and service. Why would they go anywhere else? 

  • Looking for solutions
    • As a business owner, sometimes it can get a little confusing to know what the next step is. How we get that growth we want, improve the results from our marketing, or just someone to bounce an idea off. Business owners and their teams, need skills and the knowledge of what to do and exactly how to get the best results in their business. Growth, profit and a successful business.
  • Training and coaching
    • Knowing that there is support in easy reach, through training workshops, webinars, coaches and consultants, can give us the easy and affordable solutions to getting our business to the next level. You don't have to struggle. What is it that you want, where do you want to go, how do you want to get there? Just ask the question, there's an expert that can help.
  • Business support
    • And once you've learnt those skills, it doesn't stop there, it's about ongoing coaching and support. You need tools to plan, grow, brand, market and recruit and train the right staff, so that your business continues to grow, so that you can start managing your business and working in it less.

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  • The skills that businesses, their owners and teams need are easily trained, but they still need to be learn't.
    • Image and how to attract customers
    • Sales systems, so your sales team constantly attracts new business
    • Service systems that wow your clients, keep them coming back and referring others.
    • Staff, recruitment, onboarding, training and career development. Your staff can make or break your business, the right people is critical.
    • Marketing is all about attracting new customers me keeping the current ones interested.
    • Product improvement and innovation. What would it take for your product or service to be the benchmark?
    • Planning, it's simple, but amazing how less than 20% of all businesses plan, yet 80% fail in the first five years.
    • And management. If you want a business, then develop a set of systems, procedures and management practices that enable you to work on the business not in it, without it collapsing.






  • It's so often the ongoing support through coaching and mentoring on a regular basis, that continues the upward journey of any business. The unreasonable friend!
    • Business can be lonely, someone to talk to and bounce ideas off.
    • Brainstorm with
    • Compare ideas, that maybe others are also doing.
    • Using their experience so you don't have to reinvent  the wheel.
  • And sometimes it's just about being held accountable, ensuring that we do what we said we would.






  • Most businesses don't have the resources of everything on hand.
    • Training specialist in all fields
    • Consultants
    • Business planning support
    • Marketing and advertising 
    • Recruitment help, finding the right staff
    • CRM and ongoing contact with clients
    • Referral programs
  • Access it all from one business hub.

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