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Recent media has continued to feature stories about the struggle of  the restaurant industry. Legal action with underpaid staff, business  failures due to high rents and other costs, along with the ongoing  issues associated with reduced margins even further  thanks to delivery options and daily deal schemes that take anywhere from  25% to 50% and in some cases you end up with 50% of the 50% and all we  are doing is creating a discount chasing client.

There is a solution. Simply don't do what causes the problem and eliminate the missed opportunities.

Get right what 99% miss!


Most businesses and probably close to 99% miss the fundamentals that cause the problems in the first place. 

Success in restaurants and cafes has less to do with the product or  service and more to do with just about everything that needs to be done  in building a successful business.

The basics behind attracting real clients and then hanging onto  them, getting them back often and referring their friends, isn't that  complicated, it's just not done with most businesses, including restaurants. Fix that and any business grows.

Sales, service, relationship.


 There's two ways to attract customers:  

  1. Discounting schemes
  2. Deliver  WOW service

Our customers are looking for an experience, not just a product  that will encourage them to stick with you and sometimes it's as simple as  asking them to come back. But that assumes you know who they are and  keep in touch.  

We are currently in possibly the most disengaged and lack of human  interaction market that we have ever experienced and despite trends  around social media, email and texting, customers want more than just a  great product, they want an experience they won't  get anywhere else. So give it to them!

Image, brand, marketing.


99% of your potential customers don't even know you exist, they may  even walk past every day, never being aware of who you are and what you  do, and needing exactly what you have.

Hospitality360 is about making sure that all the fundamentals of  your image, brand, message and marketing are there and that doesn't mean  spending more than you are now, it means be seen, be findable.



Without doubt, other than a lack of customers, staff is generally  the next biggest issue business owners have, but when you ask you get  the fundamentals of recruitment, onboarding, expectations, training and  management right, the response is all too often,  I don't have time.

49% of all staff are looking for a new job right now and as high as 85% are disengaged.

Get the staff processes right and TopStaff360 has the solutions to help you do that.



If you know what causes the problems, where your missed  opportunities and where the gaps in skills are, you'd fix them wouldn't  you?
 The hospitality industry, like just about any business, is really not different.  

  • Attract more customers
  • Get them coming back more often
  • Spending more each time
  • And referring others that do the same.

Cafes, restaurants and takeaways and their owners and teams need  skills, systems and structure to ensure that they never miss  opportunities and rely far less on discounting and delivery systems to grow.  It's not complicated, in fact it's easy, but it takes a change in  the way many of the fundamentals, including image, staff, service,  management, clients and management are handled. It's simple, if you know  how.

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