Everything starts with a sale!

The foundation of every business, is sales. Without it, everything stops. At  some point, someone either has to buy, or someone else has to sell and  if you want to know how to get a better result in whatever your business  does, then everyone in the team needs to know how to sell. 

Selling is simple and anyone can sell. The old line, they're a born  sales person, just isn't true. No one's born to sell. Some certainly  talk a lot, but that's not selling.

Regardless of what your business makes, does, or sells, at some  point someone in the team is going to be asked about something and  someone needs to be able to sell that something. 

Selling has also evolved a little over the years. Only a couple of  short decades ago, the philosophy of "always be closing" (ABC) was  generally true. The good news is we've changed a little, grown up and  learnt how to sell through good skills, systems,  communication, asking good questions and following up. 

There has never been a better time to get into sales, or look at  ways of improving current sales skills in yourself, or your team,  because the fundamental things that worked years back, actually still  work now, the difference with most is that 99% of "sales  people" (in inverted commas) aren't really sales people, they're order  takers. There's a BIG difference. 

The fundamentals of great sales skills and great sales people that get real results still revolve around two key drivers.  

  1. Skill levels
  2. Will levels, (activity. At some point you need to talk to people and the more you talk to, the more sales you make!)

Our sales programs allow anyone to develop into great sales people and add massive value to any company and that includes:  

  • Career changes, never sold before, brand new.
  • Recently entered and are looking at fine tuning some skills that have recently been learnt.
  • Long term sales professionals, looking for a refresh on some old ideas and pick up some new skills.

Our Sales360 programs come in several different formats.  

  • Short 2 hour introductory programs
  • One day intensives
  • Monthly sales management, coaching and support programs

If you're thinking of getting into sales as a career, are currently in  sales and want better results, or run a team and are looking at what  external sales training and management might look like and the results  it could achieve, then simply contact us to  have a chat via or call me on 0403471540 

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Sales360: Sell better, faster, easier and consistently.

SalesMap360. We've just released a simple new tool that will make keeping you and your sales team on track, easier. For a copy of the guide in using it, just email ask for a copy of SalesMap360 click the download button below.

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Find out more about our Sales360 programs and how we can help anyone that sells anything get better results.

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Recent research around sales skills, enablement and fundamentals like sales meeting have shown that: 

  • 81% of sales meetings are ineffective and some executives would go as far as saying they're  a complete waste of time.
  • 50% of all sales related inquiries result in a zero outcome. (no sale)
  • Only 2% of all sales are ever followed up more than once.
  • The  majority of sales people at present are highly under-skilled and  generally lack even fundamental conversation and product knowledge  skills, that their clients are demanding!

When you talk to business owners and managers, their frustrations  often revolve around staff performance, yet when you discuss training, the answer often is we don't have time.

When you conduct exit interviews with staff that have left roles,  often in the top three of reasons will be no training, I just didn't  know what I was doing, so I couldn't and consequently didn't do what needed  to be done.

Sales is easy. Our sales professionals, team and all staff in  general just need skills, ongoing training, management and support and  if they get that, they'll stay longer, perform better and enjoy the role  more.