Planning is critical to business success!


If you don't know where your going, how can you possibly get there?

The statistics say it all.

Here's what happens with over 80% of all businesses that start just about anywhere and in almost any field.

  • 80% of all businesses fail in the first five years
  • And of the ones that made it through, 80% of them fail in the second five years. 
  • Less than 20% of all business (in fact around 17%) do any form of business planning, (is there possibly a connection?)
  • 34% of all business owners earn less than $50,000 a year
  • Only a further 50% earn between $50 and $100k a year
  • Just 16% earn above $100,000 pa
  • 94% of business owners work weekends
  • And 58% work well in excess of 40 hours per week.
  • Around 15% of business owners work a second job while running their businesses, to make ends meet.

That doesn't sound like what they got into business for in the first place. To me and countless other entrepreneurs and business owners, it was about building a successful business, that gave us and our families a lifestyle, that a job alone and working for someone else, simply can't give. 

Business planning should be simple and it is, if you use our EzyPlanPlus system.

  • Understand whats possible.
  • Get clear about what you want.
  • Identify the strategies needed
  • And review monthly to ensure you're on track.

The only reason businesses don't get the result they wanted, is that they didn't actually ensure the strategies planned, were carried out.

  • The key with business planning is simple.
  • Push yourself and the objectives a little further than your current skills level. You may need help, so get it.


  • Our approach
    • The basics behind building a successful business is easy, just not always simple. It's about:
      • Attracting as many customers as possible
      • Keeping them and getting them to come back more often
      • Encouraging them to spend more each time
      • And then getting those customers to refer others to do the same.
      • Well trained and managed staff, then build a business that actually operates like a business, and not like a job.
    • It's all about skills across the entire team, systems and management and ensuring that it happens right every day.
  • And it all starts with a plan!
    • Know where you want to go.
    • What you need to do
    • What everyone in your team needs to do
    • And when it will get there!

Like to know more about planning your business:

Building a better business isn't complicated!

Building a successful growing business is easy, it's just not that simple and more often than not, the owner and staff of the business just don't know what they don't know! Most of the time it's not the product or service that brings a business down, it's everything else. The image, sales and service processes, marketing, planning, management, ensuring we have the right staff and they're trained and yes the product or service needs to be good too. The question that you need to start with is why? Why  would someone buy from me? Then it's all about working out the how. The changes, the skills development, the implementation of systems and standards and then Just manage it. It's not complicated.  

We've just released a simple new tool that right now is more important than ever. CashFlow360 is a guide to help you understand the basics of cashflow and profit, so that you can build the cashflow reserves to a much more comfortable level and have the cashflow to do the things you need, to grow, like advertising and marketing. you can download this tool by clicking the link below. Its pretty straight forward, but if you'd like the guide that goes with it just email and ask for the CashFlow360 guide.

Whats the next step?

Now let's find out what you need and want. There's no obligation, request information about exactly what you need and the resists you want and we'll have someone send you some information and you can take it from there. We'll include a free report from that particular expert on how you can get a better result and how they can help. You have nothing to lose,me veto doing nothing.  

Getting it all right!

Client attraction!

Client attraction!

Client attraction!


If a customer cant find your business or your website, or there isnt enough to entice them to walk in or click on, what do you do?

Sales systems

Client attraction!

Client attraction!


Every business has to grow, you need more customers each week, month and year, or your going backwards. Structured sales systems are critical.

Service experience

Client attraction!

Whats your message saying?


Are your customers talking about you, referring you to others? And if not why? Its not enough to have a great product, its all about the experience!

Whats your message saying?

Staff and client onbaording.

Whats your message saying?


Everything about your business, every contact point says something . Your staff, the brand, the image, communication. Having free business cards also says something!

Staff and client onbaording.

Staff and client onbaording.

Staff and client onbaording.


Onboarding and enablement. Two new ways to look at how staff and clients are brought into your business. Its not enough to simply show them where their desk is. Clients are no different, if your not onboarding correctly, your losing opportunities!

Its all about management!

Staff and client onbaording.

Staff and client onbaording.


You have two options. Do it yourself, or train your staff, set expectations and continue to manage them through the process, so that you, your team and your clients benefit.

Coaching possibilities.


Your unreasonable friend!

You don't have to feel like your on your own. And running a small business can often feel like that. Mybusinessnow have a team of industry experienced professionals that are there to help, guide, bounce ideas off or be held accountable to. Training and skills development is one part of the process, ensuring that your business grows is next!