ThinkBusinessGrowth is a simple concept, yet rarely followed by 99% of businesses regardless of what they do, size, or location.

  • Understand where the opportunities are missed and gaps exist.
  • Plan, strategise and implement the solutions needed.
  • Be clear about whats possible
  • Do what the others don't.
  • Get ready for growth!

Business growth is simple!

Change the way businesses think, their owners, managers and teams operate, perform, why they do what they do and the results they get.


Business growth and actually getting the results that any business  owner wants is simple. Just do what you're supposed to do! (But like 99%  of business owners, what if you don't know what to do?

After working with hundreds of businesses over the last few years  and with also simply observing and talking to thousands of others, you  can very quickly see what's wrong with 99% of them and undertaken  clearly why they don't get the results they want  and all too often close too quickly.

There are fundamental, "rules" that have worked incredibly well for  many years and still continue to work well now. But now are different  times to back in the day. There's more competition, more marketing and  promotion options and just simply more. Around  20 years ago we were exposed to around 500 messages a day, now it's  close to 30,000 and growing.

Digital options are getting harder and harder to make them work and  certainly can't be done without paying for it. It's not just about a  great product, or the best at marketing either, but it is about  everything else that the business does, every contact  point the business has with anyone and everyone and the way it  attracts, engages and retains every client possible, or doesn't. Its actually simple:


  • Understand the challenges and what holds businesses back
  • Look at the potential based on what's been done
  • Make sure everyone has the skills needed
  • Establish the systems and strategies to grow
  • Utilise support from peers and experience

Get that right, hang onto anyone that's ever contacted you, get  them back more often, spending more and referring others and your  business is unstoppable. ThinkBusinessGrowth.

The difference between training, coaching and ThinkBusinessGrowth

Most training focus's on a single core area, for  example, sales. It teaches someone to sell and that's it. It's often  seriously overkill, with over 80% never used and unnecessary and then  rarely has any followup or ongoing support. 

Coaching tends to push someone in the direction of  the coach. What they know, what their questioning or process follows and  is the same regardless of the business or challenge. They all too often  focus on one core issue and thats cash flow.  Not a bad idea unless the first things that gets focused on is expense  reduction, as opposed to increase sales, for one main reason, so that  you can pay the coaches bill.

Coaching will tend to get someone looking and acting like the coach  would and often changes the person or business, from what may have got  them success early. Coaching or mentoring is an effective way to grow  any business or person, as long as the person  is being coached, understands what they're objective is and often they  don't.

ThinkBusinessGrowth is different, works, focuses on business  fundamentals by doing all the things that other training and coaching  systems don't.  

  • First, what does the business owner want. Growth, cashflow, life, or  a combination of them all. If they don't know, that's the first stage.
  • Understand clearly where the challenges are, what holds businesses back and where the missed opportunities and potential is.
  • Review the core business drivers and identify where the gaps are.
  • Deliver  fundamental business skills to everyone in the business, not just the  owner. Get everyone on the same page, focused on the right direction,  moving forward.
  • Look at what's possible, by understanding how they currently do what they do.
  • Identify peer group opportunities that the owner at present can't see.
  • Use the experience and knowledge of the MybusinessnowBoard to scale and grow more.

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