Support local, buy local, employ local, grow local.

Supporting local business does more for local economies than most  would ever think about. It employs local people, it keeps money from  those businesses circulating in other local businesses, pays taxes so  that local infrastructure continues and keeps local  industries alive rather than move offshore or disappear altogether.  (Which effects employment, prices and more!)

It wasn’t that long ago we still had a car industry! But now more  and more we are looking at offshoring anything and everything because of  costs and profit. 

The answer is twofold. Businesses need to get smarter and more  competitive. You can’t just sell one thing a week and charge for it. You  need to get competitive, so you sell ten a week. That will keep buyers  here, rather than on eBay. Businesses need to  standout, evolve, engage and build relationships with the community,  customers and clients.

We also have to support local business first. If there’s more than one option, buy the Australian one.

The answer to so many financial and social issues we have could be  easily solved, by supporting local businesses, before we support  overseas or interstate or outside of local.

Is it made or done here? Yes local businesses may need to get a little more competitive, but if it can be sourced here, whatever it is, shouldn't we do that first?

We are currently developing a local business loyalty program called ByLo, designed to create local loyal clients, that know about the local businesses through the ByLo local directory to encourage repeat business and referrals. If you'd like to know more or become part of the program contact us via email at