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Service360: Experience, energy, engagement.


The  service experience, is the number one key to building a better   business, it all starts here. (And it's also the number one problem  that  holds most businesses back.) Yes everything counts, it all  matters, but  if you did nothing else but service your customers better,  give them an experience they wont forget, with a view  to achieving  three things better, it would dramatically change the way a  business  performs and the results it gets. 

  1. Hold onto every customer, get them back more often
  2. Spending  more everytime they come in, educating them on  everything you do and  upselling them. They don't need to go anywhere  else.
  3. And then referring others to do the same. Customers helping you build your business by referring you to another.

It's not difficult, it just needs  changes and simple customer  service systems and expectations from all  staff, an understanding of  what the objective is, how to do it and why.  

The difference between you and your competitor, can't be price,  discounting isn't the solution, it has to be the service, it's the   little things that make a huge difference. 

The  complete service360 process encompasses every aspect  from first  impressions, to building relationships that last decades.  There are  eleven key aspects of the complete process that all help  towards  turning prospects into customers, clients and long time  advocates, that  have the potential to double, triple or more, your current business  income.

Build a better business in eight simple steps

  • Build any business faster, easier, simple.
  • People, planning, possibilities.

Just  about any business, could double there sales, turnover and results in  12 to 24 months (or less) they are literally only a few steps away. But  what steps do you take?

Too many businesses operate on the "single sale model" a client walks in, maybe buys and walks out, never to be seen again. 

For  too long business owners have thought their product or service was  enough to attract a customer. Well its not and nor is the best at  marketing that product or service either.

There  are eight key drivers, that all have an effect on how a business  performs, and in most cases they are totally ignored and maybe that's  why 80% of all businesses fail in their first five years.

Business  owners and their teams just don't know what they don't know, but if  they knew the simple things that could easily double a businesses result  in 12 months, maybe things would change.

Its not complicated, in fact its easy, just not simple if you don't know what to do.

Its the little things that make a BIG difference.

  • Business growth, fast, easy, simple!

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