Upcoming events, seminars & workshops.

Upcoming Mybusinessnow events

Mybusinessnow events


Mybusinessnow runs events every month from free introductory events, standalone seminars and workshops and also regular events for our members as part of Mybusinessnow and Business360.

The easiest way to find out whats on, more information about the event or to book, simply jump onto Eventbrite and search for Mybusinessnow. You can click follow on any of our events and you'll be updated whenever a new event is posted. Just click here to get started. Eventbrite

Planning360: Thurs, June 27


Business planning is possibly the most neglected and misunderstood  part of just about any business. According to statistics, less than 17%  of businesses do any form of planning and probably many of them don't do  them the right way, possibly never look at it again once it's done and  as a result, miss the opportunities of really taking a business to the  next level.
To find out more or book, click here. Planning360

Staff360: July 11


 Your staff, (or you), are the front line to your business. They can  either make it or break it and at very least cost you customers, lost  business and your competition will thank you for it. 

 Staff need fundamental skills, they need to know what's expected and  they need ongoing training, review and management, if you want them to  do what you want them to do. 

Findout more or to book here. Staff360

Mybusinessnow intro event.


Free introductory event: Thursday July 11

This is a great opportunity to find out what the program is all about  and how easy it could be to get a dramatically better result from your  business over the next 12 to 24 months. 

To find out more just click here: Mybusinessnow free introductory event.

Sales360: July 25



Selling is much easier than most people think. Over the years we  keep getting told, "you have the gift of the gab, you'd make a great  sales person"! But in fact it couldn't be further from the truth.

Whether you sell your self, have new sales people that have never  sold, need to give some basic skills to other people in your team, and  just need a refresher and don't have time or can't train yourself.

To find out more or book: Sales360now

Whats coming up next?


Our next three months event schedule:

  • Aug: Product360
  • Sept: Marketing360
  • Oct: RePlanning360 2.0

We run our monthly introductory events plus also a series of Business360connect events (networking done different! Done better!)

For more info on any of our events just email info@mybusinessnow.com.au

Mybusinessnow pricing & options



This is our signature program. Its a monthly membership subscription based program.

  • Monthly group workshop
  • Learn, promote, connect
  • Structured followup, solutions and workshop notes that build into the Mybusinessnow, Business360 manual that we supply
  • Monthly email and phone support
  • Quarterly one on one (face to face) on track meeting.
  • $495/month


These are a monthly run event in various locations, based on the Business360 program, plus a number of other stand alone workshops including our sales training workshop, Sales360now: Get selling fast.

  • Each workshop last 2 hours
  • Includes workshop notes and action checklist
  • Plus 1 months email support
  • $295/person (discounting for multiple attendees)

Growmybusinessnow event November/December 2018


Our recent GrowMyBusinessNow workshop.


Mybusinessnow member insight:

“Even though I have been in business for thirty years I found the Mybusinessnowpresentations showed  there is always something new to learn and a different perspective  brings light to old challenges.  The presentations are short and sharp  and Erwin presents clearly and with passion. I am looking forward to  implementing easy to follow strategies to allow my business to grow to  the next level”.

Janie Grant

Identify Clothing, Ditto Dancewear, Brisbane.

To book or find out more!