Business360connect is "not"networking and that's good, because most people dislike traditional networking. Its connecting monthly, identifying opportunities and growing your business. 

the idea behind Business360connect

Whats it all about?

The overly structured way that most traditional networking operates  is the single reason most business owners and professionals avoid them like the plague.  

  • Weekly meetings, that you must attend! (Or provide a substitute)
  • Pressured referrals process
  • Insular training provided by other members that all too often don't have any real training skills.
  • And cost to attend over the year.

Business360connect has been designed with all those features in mind and do the opposite!  

  • Monthly event that's free to attend, just buy your own breakfast, coffee there or don't.
  • If you don't want to go every month, no problem, don't. There's no membership.
  • There  will be training options from key note speakers for both inside and  outside from other Sunshine Coast businesses and speakers.
  • Know someone that could use another fellow Business360 attendee, then let them know, but if you don't, that's ok too.
  • Opportunity  development. One of the key areas that we've identified in talking to our  clients over the last couple of years, is that they want to talk to  other businesses, they want to hear what others have done and they want  to know what others would do,  or could do if our business, was theirs. Peer development  opportunities.

Business360connect is not networking, it's connecting, but it's ok to network too! 

For more information email me on or go to our Eventbrite listing to see the latest Business360connect events.

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